English information

Information about how to apply for a stay in Huize Agnes.

From June 18th 2018 forward you can only apply for admission at the central intake desk at the Sleep Inn Jansveld 51 in Utrecht. Opening hours are Monday and Thursday between 13.00 hrs and 15.30 hrs.  A special telephone number will be announced in due time.

Admission criteria Huize Agnes (Agnes House *)

Huize Agnes is open to women and children who:
  • do not have a valid residence permit and whose stay in the Netherlands is illegal;
  • do not have a safe residence;
  • are referred by another organisation;
  • have a low or no income;
  • agree with the house rules;
  • agree to a probationary period;
  • sign the contract;
  • are not older than 12 years old (this applies to children of the male gender);
  • are not addicted to alcohol, drugs or gambling.

The purpose of your stay at Huize Agnes House is:

  • to withdraw at a safe haven.
  • to reflect on your future
This could mean:
  • returning to your country of origin
  • gaining a permit of residence
  • emigrate to another country
  • find daily concerns in preparation for an income; for example
    • volunteer work, babysitting, domestic help
    • courses in the Dutch language or personal development
    • the treatment of physical or psychological problems which prevents you to function properly
  • childeren under the age of 18 go to school.
(*) exceptions only after consultation with the staff